Something To Think About

I was watching Comedy Central the other day and caught the act of a comedian whose name escapes me at the moment. He brought up an interesting question and posited some hypotheticals that got me thinking.

The subject: Driving while using a cell phone.

He related the true story of his run in with a police officer who pulled him over for using a cell phone while driving.

Being the comedian he was, he asked the officer “If I'd been holding a banana to my ear would you have pulled me over?” The officer said no.

He then asked “If I only had one arm and was driving would you have pulled me over?” Again the officer said no.

“So I have one arm for driving and free arm that I don't need for driving that I can use for other things. So why is it against the law to use that arm for holding a cell phone to my ear?”

At that point the comedian said the officer told him to step out of the car and proceeded to place him under arrest. He also got in one last parting shot as the officer was handcuffing him.

“I bet you'd have a tough time doing that if I only had one arm, wouldn't you?”