Interesting Observation In Regard To The War On Men

In this post from Glenn Reynolds about the continuing War on Men, and specifically about how boys in state custody are more often preyed upon by female staff members rather than the other way round, comes this observation from one of his readers.

Not only does shock at the idea of women abusing boys reveal a gender bias against men, I think it points out another potential factor in the War on men Dr. Helen writes so eloquently about.

As the father of 5 sons, the oldest of whom are big, strong, and well-spoken (we home school), I noticed something starting a few years ago-

Liberal women fear my sons. Not disapprove of, fear.

And it isn’t the size or the strength, it is the confidence.

Is part of the War on Men a fear of, well, grown men? Is there actually an increase in grown women preying on boys sexually because these women fear adult men?

As Glenn writes, “Call it 'Androphobia'.”

This certainly struck close to home as I have noticed the same thing with my son, BeezleBub. While he isn't a big lad – he stands about 5' 8” and weighs in around 145 pounds – he's solid muscle. That comes from hours of physical labor on the farm, six days a week. He's also self-assured and doesn't suffer fools or their opinions.

No one needs to tell him he's a man. He knows it and lives it every day.

While many of the young women around his age flock to him, it is some of the older women that seem to distrust or fear him when he's around the farm's retail stand. (I have a pretty good idea that most of them were likely liberal, mainly from the license plates and bumper stickers on their cars.) At first I thought it was me being a bit too much of a curmudgeonly and biased dad and that I was merely imagining it. I figured it might have been because he was usually dusty, sweaty, or muddy, depending upon the weather outside. But after reading the comment above and looking back over the past two years I realized it wasn't my imagination. They were uncomfortable around him. I guess he was too male, too confident for them and they were surprised that he wasn't intimidated by them or their presence. Androphobia, indeed.