Thoughts On A Sunday

It's been a relatively quiet weekend here at The Manse. The most exciting thing I had to do this weekend was make a trip to the dump. (I'm not complaining. A quiet weekend now and then is a good thing.) I also cleared away some of the snow from our last storm, something that took me all of 5 minutes to accomplish.

BeezleBub had to deal with the births of 3 new calves at the farm, something Farmer Andy hadn't told him was imminent.


The local TV station news had segment about the upcoming changes we'll see as more portions of ObamaCare kick in. From what I could see, neither the host or the state insurance commissioner were enthusiastic about those changes. I know most Americans aren't.


It seems the Lame Stream Media is finally gigging to the fact that ObamaCare is a job killer.

Too bad it took them three years to figure that out. The rest of us knew that from the beginning.


Terrible country, America. You wouldn't like it here.

Trust me, you folks around the world who want to sneak into the USA. We are an evil, Capitalist, heartless, war-mongering, carbon-spewing, gun-shooting, drug-abusing, poverty-ridden, sex-obsessed, Big Gulp-drinking, obese, poorly-educated, sexist, racist and zenophobic (sic) country that nobody would want to be a part of. There are no jobs here, and the place is crawling with Jesus Freaks, drunk cowboys with guns, communists, weird transgender people and weird mass-murderers armed with AK-47s and bombs. Don't believe the marketing hype about freedom and opportunity, because they are disappearing fast.

Just ask any American college professor how bad we are, and how unfair and harsh life is here.

Despite this 'truth', millions want to immigrate to the US.


Assistant Village Idiot gives us a brief history of coffee, specifically buying cups of coffee while on the road. He reminds us how bad it really was...until places like Dunkin' Donuts came along.


Gay Patriot gives is a view into the misadventures in multicultural indoctrination studies.

Personally, I think the progressive push to accept everyone else's cultures while rejecting our own illustrate the hatred Progressives have for Western Civilization. Somehow accepting everyone else's beliefs as superior to our own is supposed to make us better? Yeah, that's worked out so well in other places like Europe.


We already know New York's gun laws are insane, but now we have further proof they've become as bad and as tyrannical as Britain's when a New York homeowner defending his home with a handgun is likely to get more time in prison than a child molester. The homeowner in question did not shoot the intruder that broke into his home, all he did was brandish it inside his home.

I guess the powers that be in New York still have no understanding of the Second Amendment or the implications of Heller versus DC. Then again, I didn't expect them to.


The liberal double standard is being applied to Fox News again, this time for revealing the name of the 16-year old rape victim in Steubenville, Ohio.

Did Fox News screw up? Absolutely. But the thing about this is that CNN, MSNBC, and a local CBS affiliate did exactly the same thing a day before Fox News did, yet there's nary a peep from those same outraged Media types.


As if we need yet another in a long list of examples how decades long Democratic rule in some cities have brought them to their knees, there's the latest news from Chicago. In that long-oppressed city, the city government has announced it will be closing 54 public schools in an effort to deal with a $1 billion deficit. That's on top of the approximately100 schools closed since 2001.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the Democrat political machine that has been running Chicago for decades has finally run out of other people's money. It doesn't help that the unions also have a stranglehold on the city, making it difficult to make the changes needed to bring spending (and taxes) under control.


Talk about a small world.

I was down at our local laundromat drying the clothes I had washed in the Official Weekend Pundit Washing Machine earlier in the day (our clothes dryer is kaput).

While waiting for our clothes to dry I struck up a conversation with an attractive woman I hadn't seen there before. I immediately noticed her southern accent and asked where she was from. She told me she was from Shreveport, Louisiana and that she was up visiting her daughter who was due to deliver her second child any day.

As we conversed a niggling little idea kept trying to make it's way into my thoughts and eventually I asked her, “You're daughter's name wouldn't happen to be Kelly, would it?” Her jaw dropped open for a moment and she finally asked me how I knew.

It turns out I had worked with her daughter a few years ago and I finally remembered that she said she'd moved up to New Hampshire from Shreveport. My subconscious kept bugging me until I made the connection, hence the question. From that point on it was like Old Home Day at the laundromat.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the perfect conditions for sugaring continue, thoughts of summer boating intrude, and reality insinuates itself when we see the snowbanks along the sides of the road.