Now Congress Gets Serious About Wasteful Spending?

Why is it that it isn't until something like the sequester kicks in that Congress decides it needs to do something about wasteful and/or duplicative government spending? Well, I guess better late than never.

At least one New Hampshire Congresscritter, Anne Kuster (D-NH2), has signed on to a bipartisan effort to identify and eliminate such spending. I wish I could say my own representative-in-name-only, Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH1) would do likewise. But then she's never seen any government spending she didn't like. (In case you're wondering why I state she is my ' representative-in-name-only', it's because she doesn't see me or any of the other non-Democrats in her Congressional district as constituents, a position her staff made quite clear to me and other non-Democrats more than once during her first term in office.)

This is something Congress should have been doing all along as it's been no secret that government wastes billions, if not hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars on things no one needs, wants, or is being done by other government agencies or programs. The $85 billion in sequester cuts is a mere drop in the bucket compared to cuts that could be made by eliminating exorbitantly wasteful spending that the federal government is so very good at doing. Wouldn't you agree?