Economic Ignorance Endangers Us All

I must say, sadly, that the level of economic ignorance I've seen in a goodly portion of the American populace is mind boggling. What's worse is that some of that ignorance is willful, meaning the ignorant want to be that way. Why bother to learn how things really work when one can stick by long discredited and disproven talking points in regards to economics? There's no need to think, no need to question. And that's a shame.

This same ignorance must also apply to basic arithmetic skills. How else can we possibly explain the doomsday scenarios portrayed by the White House, the usual Democrat suspects in Congress, and the Lame Stream Media in regards to the sequestration? The same sequestration put forth by the very same president who is now condemning it?

I don't know how many harebrained 'explanations' I've listened to or read in newspapers or in the various blogs or forums on the 'net about how taxing the hell out of people will somehow save the economy. They really don't get it, really don't understand that when you pull increasing amounts of capital out of the economy in the form of taxes, the economy suffers. They really don't understand that greatly increasing government spending, particularly when you borrow the money to pay for that spending, is a no-win situation for everybody. Eventually the bill must be paid or the flow of money disappears. The really don't understand that spending cuts and decreasing the rate of increased spending aren't the same thing at all. They really don't understand that $85 billion is a very small percentage of the money the government spends, about 2.3 percent of all government expenditures. They don't understand that a reduction in the expanded government spending by that same 2.3% is a drop in the bucket. But to listen to some folks, it's the END OF THE WORLD!!!

It's amazing what the gullible and willfully ignorant will believe, especially when it comes from the Empty Suit/Used Car Salesman sitting in the Oval Office. It disgusts me.