They're Not Serious

Now that Congress is in recess until after Christmas, I think we can safely say that neither they or the President are all that serious in dealing with our nation's financial crisis – the upcoming collapse of our economy due to decades of spending more than we take in and making promises we can't keep.

As Bill Whittle explains in this edition of Afterburner, Congress and the President aren't serious people. They merely play at being serious. What's scary is, as Bill tells us, even if we shut down the federal government, fired every federal employee, mothballed every piece of military gear (planes, ships, submarines, tanks, guns, bullets, and paper clips), we still wouldn't be able to pay for all those entitlements politicians created in order to get elected and re-elected. Our taxes might go down a little bit, but we'd still be in the hole to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

But if we did away with the unpayable entitlements and stuck to just running the government (including the military) our taxes would plummet and we'd have a balanced budget. But there's no way the unserious people we keep electing will do either, leaving it up to our grandchildren and the grandchildren of those we've borrowed trillions from to pay for it all.