Gun Control Advocates At It Again

It didn't take the gun-grabbers very long after the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut to start their clamoring for heavier gun control, as if restricting access to guns from the 99.9999% who are responsible law-abiding gun owners will have the magical effect on the 0.0001% who use guns for nefarious activities. Better that they look at what really caused the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School – a mentally ill young man who apparently found out his mother was going to have him committed to a mental institution and decided he wasn't going to go.

I have seen all kinds of gun control advocates quoting all kinds of 'statistics' that prove gun related violence has been climbing at an alarming rate. Of cousre what they don't tell you is that most gun-related violence is committed by criminals against other criminals. The massacre in Newtown was a statistical blip, what's called an outlier. But that won't stop the gun grabbers from playing it for everything it's worth, trying to make it seem that the massacre is happening everywhere, all the time. (They almost never mention the blood shed by criminals in those cities with strict gun laws because law abiding citizens aren't allowed to protect themselves.)

Instead it is the people committing the crimes upon which these gun control advocates should be focusing their efforts. But that's too hard and the ACLU will likely do everything it can to make sure such miscreants will remain on the streets to continue committing acts of violence against the citizens who wish nothing more than to be left alone.

My dear sister-in-law put it in perspective when she told my wife “Taking guns away from the people is like banning automobiles because of accidents caused by drunk drivers. It punishes the large majority of the people for the actions of a very small minority. It makes no sense.” Then again, the gun grabbers don't care. They somehow think we should leave it to the police to 'protect' us. The only problem is that when seconds count, the police are minutes away. (In the case of Newtown it allegedly took the police almost 20 minutes to respond to the first 911 call. A lot of people died in that 20 minutes. How many would not have died if someone in that school had been able to end Adam Lanza's rampage by putting two rounds in his head?)