Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

I, like many others, have been watching the negotiations between congressional Republicans and the White House in regards to the approaching fiscal cliff. What I'm seeing so far is not filling me with confidence.

First, we have a president who does not understand the twin concepts of negotiation and compromise. It appears that he believes what he wants is what he will get and that compromise is for the other party. (That isn't compromise. That's capitulation.)

Second, we have the Republican congressional leaders who don't trust the president to negotiate in good faith. They have good reason to be distrustful considering Obama's history in regards to negotiations. The last time the Congressional Republicans went through this they thought they had a deal with the president when at the last minute he dropped a deal-killing bombshell on them, demanding a non-negotiable additional $400 billion in tax increases. As the saying goes, once burned, twice shy, and Obama has burned them one too many times. So any deal he proposes that sounds like a compromise will be looked upon with a lot of skepticism.

Will the president and Congress be able to come up with an acceptable deal to fend off going over the fiscal cliff? Or will Obama act like Nero and fiddle while the economy burns to the ground around him?