Thoughts On A Sunday

It's been busy around The Manse, with BeezleBub working at the farm, me working around the inside and outside, and Deb doing what she does.

I finally finished sanding the floor of the main deck, making it comparatively smooth to what it was after pressure washing it to strip off the old stain and surface dirt. There's still plenty of trim to work on, mostly sanding to remove the last of the old stain, but that won't prevent me from staining the rest of the deck next weekend, weather permitting.


I had brunch with the WP Parents this morning at one of our favorite eateries, allowing us time to catch up on news about old friends and exchanging observations about the goings on around the Lakes Region. One of the WP Dad's observations was about how easy it is to forget what traffic is like during the summer with all the summerfolk around. Saturday mornings are particularly busy followed closely by Sunday late in the morning.

I've certainly noticed it Friday afternoons on my way home from work, with traffic on the highways and byways much heavier than we see during the rest of the year. But even knowing it will happen still doesn't make us any less grouchy about it.


I've read this piece by James Taranto a couple of times and I have to agree with his assessment: Obama resents success by others because they earned it.

I can see where that might gall someone who's unearned success has been the central theme of their life story.


Why do women quit science? Maybe it's due to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Essentially, the article is about a study that tracked female science professor's discussions at work (using some very cool/mildly creepy in ear recording devices), and came to the conclusion that women left science fields not because they were being overtly discriminated against, but because they're scared that they might be. (Emphasis added. -ed.)

So it's not about actual discrimination against women in science so much as it's about the anxiety about the possibility of being discriminated against.


Two interesting factoids:

The number of fires in the US has fallen by 40% over the past 35 years, but the number of firefighters has increased by 40%.

Incidents of school violence has dropped as well.


I tried something new for dinner tonight, something from our local butcher shop:

Steak House marinated sirloin burgers.

The butcher said they'd be the best burgers I've ever had.

He was right.

They also offer Grillmaster marinated burgers as well, something I'll try later. If they're anything like their Grillmaster sirloin tips, they'll be awesome!


Cap'n Teach tells us about the latest AGW believers' talking points, meaning they believe all of us SUV driving humans are making weather worse than it should be, except where it's not, and even then it's still all our fault.

Climate change, an unscientific phrase in itself, is making the current natural warm period worse than it should be. Essentially, this poop against the wall is attempting to create a position that “sure, Mother Nature has created this warm period, but all those Other People who live modern lifestyles have made it much, much worse, because weather never happened before.”

Yup, it's because weather never happened before.


These are three names that we all should remember: Joe Blunk, Matt McQuinn, and Alex Teves.

These three did what real men are supposed to do – protecting the women they love, even at the cost of their own lives. Somehow I doubt beta male “metrosexuals” would have done such a thing.

Of course I expect the feminazis to push out some excrement about how it was somehow unfair that these men didn't let the women die, as is only fair because, after all, they are nothing but victims of the men who saved them.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer is still here in all its glory, the work around the house is getting done, and where I have Monday off!