Best Comment Ever - Second Round

It seems we've had a good run of comments out in the blogosphere with a second round of “Best Comment Ever”. In this case it was inspired by President Obama's statement about how no one built anything by themselves, playing the Marxist word game that denigrates individual effort by trying to claim everything ever invented was a collective effort and that the individual couldn't have done it themselves.

Writes Frank Martin in response to our Marxist In Chief:

Just want to be clear Mr. President, in the three years of your Administration, you haven’t built a goddamned thing.

My father was self employed all of his post-military service life. My father made furniture. He interviewed his customers at their home, sketched their desires on a piece of paper and then went to his workshop and created the piece from scratch. No one taught him to do this, he figured it out on his own. He took the time, the initiative and applied it to the task. He didn’t apply for a job, he became the job. He was both artist and engineer. He was also his own man. He taught me that there is a dignity to work that no amount of good intentions can replace.

He was never rich, but he was free and that was the point of it all. It was never about the money. If people want to sit in envy my father, envy the freedom he had and not the money he made from his labor. He came and went as he pleased, he answered to no man but himself.

He used to say that at the end of the day what we all want from money is to be able to say “Screw you” and suffer no negative consequences from the act. Money simply buys the ability to walk away. My father never had a lot of money, but he was free.

In my 52 years of life, I have never heard anything from any politician that has left me filled with rage as the words the President has used to describe men like my father, the men of this world who live their life with the goal of being dependent on no one and only wish to be left alone.

I want to thank the President for providing me with a moment of clarity.

And should the President continue to provide such moments of clarity to the voting public, he can count on losing the election in November and being booted out of the White House bag and baggage.