Thoughts On A Sunday

It's been blustery all weekend, with the temps hovering at the point where you can't decide whether it's just a little too cool or just warm enough. The wind and the temperature allowed me to hang two loads of laundry on the Official Weekend Pundit Clothesline to dry, but I still had to put them into the clothes drier to 'finish' them.

For most of the day yesterday we had the windows open while we were cleaning up the inside of The Manse. Once we got into the late afternoon it had definitely cooled off and the windows were closed. Last evening it was quite windy with brief bouts of rain thrown in here and there just to make things interesting.


Speaking of the Official Weekend Pundit Clothes Drier, it has been making ominous noises while running. I don't know if it's one of the rollers supporting the drum, or plenum rubbing against the inside rim of the drum. In either case, the drier is making a lot of noise that is quite annoying. I'm just hoping we can get it repaired for a reasonable price because we aren't in a position to replace it right now seeing as we need to get a new snowblower for the coming winter.


The Occupy Wall Street protests have gone global, with protests in Germany, Italy, the UK, the Philippines, and a number of other countries. The protests in Rome became violent, with store windows smashed and cars burned.


Glenn Reynolds has a number of links covering various aspects of the Occupy Wall Street movement throughout the US, covering everything from Al Sharpton, Nazis, Communists, Obama, Think Progress, and spreading anti-semitism.

This bodes well for the still unfocused anti-capitalist movement.


The New England Patriots played the Dallas Cowboys this afternoon in Gillette Stadium. It was an ugly game, with the outcome decided by the defense on both teams. In the end the Patriots won it 20-16, the first time they haven't scored 30+ points in a game for some time.

Next week the Patriots have a bye week.


One big surprise from this year's NFL season: The Detroit Lions are 5-1 after losing to the 49'ers 25-19 earlier today. Despite the loss, the Lions played a heck of a game and I think they'll do far better this season than they have in years.


Liz Trotta shows up the oh-so-self-righteous Left as being the actual racists in this country.

That some are surprised that such a thing could be, all one has to do is look at the history of the Democrat party during the past 100 years or so to see that almost everything they've done to “help” black Americans has instead hurt them, keeping them in poverty and dependent upon them. How that isn't considered racism is beyond me.


Smitty has some ideas about how we can make peace with stupid, in this case the Occupy Wall Street idiots.

One of his best suggestions is to “put the little jackwagons in a Gunny Ermey situation, where they can find out what real authoritarianism is like. I have it on some authority that a boot camp environment can be a great way to go ‘cold turkey’ on stupid.”



As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I have been going through the blogroll to find blogs that have either gone inactive or disappeared. I have been remiss in cleaning house for over a year so this is long overdue. This time around I've gone through the Wicked Good Blogs and found a number of blogs that need to be removed. These include:

The Truth Laid Bear (inactive), Tinkerty Tonk (inactive), OxBlog (inactive), The Middle Ground (inactive), Mean Mr. Mustard (gone), Innocents Abroad (inactive), INDC Journal (closed), The Happy Carpenter (inactive), The Chip Mathis Experience (inactive), Bad News Hughes (inactive), The Autonomist (rarely active), and Albion's Seedlings (inactive).

Andrew Olmstead is remaining on the blogroll even though he was KIA back in 2008. His Final Post remains as a tribute.

A number of blogs have changed their URLs and the blogroll has been updated accordingly. These include Risawn's Incoherent Ramblings, Pejman Yousefzadeh, and DaGoddess. Kami, aka Risawn, will be blogging intermittently as she is undergoing a rather difficult pregnancy. Pejman blogs as his time allows, meaning about once a week.

More changes, deletions, and additions will be made as time allows. I am in the process of 'reviewing' some possible additions to the blogroll. Primarily I won't add someone who blogs infrequently, or is too new to blogging (meaning someone with only a month of blogging under their belt), or someone who can't seem to make up their mind about what their blog is about. (For folks like that I suggest Facebook.)


Our friend Ruth over at Scary Yankee Chick has learned about the meaning of “Harrop”, or more accurately, “pulling a Harrop.”

The term comes from Australian entrepreneur Barry Harrop, a staunch supporter of the “settled science” of Anthropogenic Global Warming, who comments regularly over at the Wall Street Journal Online opinion section whenever the topic of climate change comes up. His tactic is to constantly cut and paste his own comments on the subject matter in response to others' comments in opposition to his, figuring that by saying the same thing over and over again will somehow make it true. And so it goes for Ruth on one of the pets forums she reads.

I must mention that the Harrop is also a rating system used by commenters on WSJ Online, where the more “Harrops” one receives about one's comments, the more ludicrous and uninformed it is it is understood to be.


Flopping Aces has a telling comparison between the Tea Party and the OWS mob. About the only thing I've seen that have in common is that they both protest, and that's about it. After that the differences are staggering.

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


And also from Cap'n Teach comes this startling headline: 9 Billion People To Die From Climate Change Hoax.

As he writes:

So, 9 billion will die over the next 88 years. Apparently, Mankind will be unable to adapt to changing climatic conditions, after being able to do so for millions of years without the benefit of modern technology. We’ve survived warmer periods and colder periods. At this point, the AGW movement isn’t jumping sharks: they’re jumping rabid, blood covered unicorns the size of a T-Rex, with the same type of teeth.



Wizbang catches the AP doing some creative editing about how part of the ObamaCare program was killed because it was unworkable. Paul provides the before and after showing how the issue was spun to blame Congressional Republicans for killing that portion of ObamaCare.

You can't tell me the MSM isn't firmly in the pocket of Obama and the Democrats.


Here's yet another example of the Obama Administration's “smart diplomacy.”

Yeah, let's keep insulting our allies and sucking up to our enemies. It's worked so well in the past.


It's about time someone debunked the phony beliefs of the modern green movement, showing most of them to be based upon a quasi-religious ideology and gee-wouldn't-it-be-great belief rather than actual facts and science.

So much of the green meme is based upon conjecture, unsubstantiated theories, and outright greed and the quest for political power.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the foliage is approaching peak, the weather is schizophrenic, and where Monday has arrived far too early...again.