Is Herman Cain The One? - Part 2

Herman Cain's move up in the polls now has him in a virtual tie with Mitt Romney.

Not bad for someone who's never held public office.

His 9-9-9 plan is taking some heat, though the more I look at it the more I like it. Like any plan, it isn't perfect and it needs some tweaking, but it's a lot better than any of the others I've heard, including Obama's “secret plan” that is still secret.

Is Cain the best candidate we can put up against President Obama next November? Of those running, I believe the answer is yes. He certainly has a handle on the cost of government, at least as it affects business and the economy. He has accomplished great things while working in the real world. What did Obama accomplish before he was elected to office other than make $110 million of Annenberg Foundation funds disappear with nothing to show for it?

While Cain is not perfect, neither are any of the other candidates. Every one of them has flaws, weaknesses, and blind spots. But the ability to succeed despite them shows us something about their character and their drive. That's certainly true of Herman Cain.