The Left's Institutionalized Racism and Sexism

As the presidential campaigns heat up, charges of racism are being thrown by the Left towards the right because in their twisted view of reality, everyone on the Right are racists. It doesn't matter if the Right supports a black candidate. The fact that the candidate is a Republican automatically equates to racism by the Right. And if the Right doesn't support a Leftist black candidate then it's because they're racists.

As far as the Left is concerned, everyone on the Right is racist.

Too bad for them that they're wrong.

In their efforts to show they aren't racist, the Left has become a parody, treating minorities as a wronged group incapable of fending for themselves and needing special treatment as if they weren't smart enough to do things for themselves. Call it what it is - backhanded racism. By treating them as an oppressed class and providing them with special protections and privileges, they are basically saying to them “You are inferior and therefore need our protection and help because everyone else will discriminate against you unless we're here to stop it.” After the Right fought hard for civil rights to remove institutionalized racism, the Left has brought it back under another guise – affirmative action.

In an effort to make up for past sins, the Left decided it was a great idea to practice reverse racism by giving preference to the oppressed minorities over the majority (meaning whites) as if this would somehow make reparations for previous wrongs. But this didn't just discriminate against whites, it did the same to blacks, latinos, and asians because it treated them as somehow too incompetent to fend for themselves. Isn't that a definition of racism, prejudice, and bigotry? What ever happened to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's dream that his “children would be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin”? The Left has worked hard to kill that dream.

And to the those on the Left that think racism is something practiced only by whites, you're sadly mistaken. I can provide personal experience on his point.

Many years ago when I was working for a defense company that shall remain nameless, one of my co-workers went off on a rant about “crackers” and “white KKK mother-f*****s” and racist honkies. After listening to his increasingly angry rhetoric I got tired of it and finally managed to shut him up by telling him that the only racist mother-f****r in the room was him, spouting racist crap just like he was wearing a white sheet and burning crosses on someone's front lawn, and that he was the bigot, and a loudmouthed bigot at that. He stood there open-mouthed with an angry look on his face as I left the room. A few days later that he came to me and apologized, saying that he realized that he was doing the very thing that he was accusing the rest of us of doing.

To add some insult to injury, some on the Left have taken discrimination even farther, treating women of all races the same way by trying to re-victimize them, passing laws and instituting policies that are supposed to 'protect' women when what they're really doing is treating them like the minorities - inferior beings incapable of taking care of themselves. We've seen that in a number of places like college campuses where men are always treated as rapists or potential rapists and women are treated as helpless victims. How pathetic and insulting to both men and women.

But then, that's what the Left is all about, isn't it?