To The Rescue!

I had every intention of writing something scathing about some wrong or perceived wrong, or the 11th hour agreement that delayed a government shut down for another week. But forces beyond my control required me to put my efforts into a different area.

You see, I had to rescue Twirl Girl.

While her circumstances weren't as dire as that of many a literary or movie heroine, she was still stuck far from home with a broken down car. BeezleBub wasn't available to come to the rescue as he was busy at the farm (and without any form of transport), working on the new post-and-beam pavilion being built by Farmer Andy and his missus. Twirl Girl's dad couldn't help either because he was with Twirl Girl when her car broke down. So it was up to me.

So off I went in the trusty F150, bringing some tools and other sundry items that might allow a repair of her car. And failing that, the phone number of a local towing company.

Fortunately Twirl Girl had broken down in an area of New Hampshire with which yours truly was familiar, so I had no problem finding them.

To make a long story short, there was no way I was going to be able to fix her car and get it home as the diagnosis of the trouble was not forthcoming. That left only one option – to tow it home.

Before leaving The Manse to rescue Twirl Girl I had called a friend with a trailer capable of hauling her car. Unfortunately it wasn't available. So the only option was a tow truck. A couple of phone calls later we had made arrangements for Twirl Girl's car to be towed home. Then she, her dad, and I piled into the trusty F150 and I took them home.

A little more than four hours after embarking upon this mission of mercy I was back at The Manse.

For not really doing all that much today, I'm beat. Hero-type stuff takes a lot out of you!