Thoughts On A Sunday

The weekend weather has been awesome, with temps in the mid-60's. This has prodded us to start with some of the outdoor work here at The Manse, cleaning up the winter detritus and rest of last year's leaves.

One little annual milestone came to pass: the Official Weekend Pundit Clothesline went up today and I gave it its first workout of the year, hanging two three sets of wash to dry rather than using the clothes drier. I figure I can get at least one wash hung out tomorrow after I get home from work as the temps will be in the 70's.

I think this is the earliest we've ever put up the clothesline and been able to use it since we've been here.

We weren't the only ones taking advantage of the good weather as Bogie and her Wonderful Spouse were out and about cleaning up around their abode.


Gee, color me surprised:

Home inventories are still too high.

Although the median sales price of a new home declined 8.9% in February to $202,100, and the median sales price of an existing home dropped 5.2% from a year ago to $156,100, the tell-tale stats for prospective home buyers to watch are the new and existing home inventory numbers. Right now, the pair suggest that prices will stay soft through the third quarter of 2011, and possibly for longer.

I have to ask whether these inventories also include the so-called “shadow inventory”, houses held by banks that have not yet been put on the market? If they don't, then I believe the market will remain soft for a year or two longer regardless of how the economy fares as these homes are brought on to the market.

(H/T Instapundit)


By way of Viking Pundit comes this little bit of not-so-great news:

The federal debt increased $54.1 billion in the eight days preceding the deal struck last night by President Obama and congressional leaders to cut $38.5 billion in federal spending for the remainder of the fiscal year.

At this rate we'll be out of debt...umm...never!


As per usual, HuffPo get's it wrong, blaming the progressive's losses upon the well funded Tea parties and the Right Wing press. Never mind that the progressives received billions in support from folks like Soros, unabashed support from the Left Wing press (meaning most of the MSM) and they still had their heads handed to them.

They still see it as a well-funded minority that defeated them. Instead, it was a majority of the American people who saw that what the progressives were offering was nothing they wanted any part, particularly when they saw it would likely bankrupt the nation, and them personally.

What it comes down to is that if your message is the wrong one, no amount of money or support will win you elections.


The battle over speed limits in Lake Winnipesaukee in central New Hampshire rages on, this time with me adding my two cents worth.


And speaking of New Hampshire, here's a list of legislation filed and passed by the GOP majority in the New Hampshire House and/or Senate that many of us hope will put the Granite State back on the path to less government and usher in a return to fiscal sanity.

A few of my favorites:

For the first time in NH history, that included more that 50 attempts in the legislature, the House passed a constitutional amendment to expand local control of education funding by returning authority to elected officials, not unelected judges. (CACR 12)

Passed a fiscally responsible budget that, (1) was balanced by using realistic revenue figures; (2) did not increase taxes or fees; (3) does not downshift onto local property taxpayers; and (4) does not increase borrowing, setting New Hampshire on a financially sustainable path that will allow our economy to grow and create more jobs. (HB 1 & 2)

Passed a bill to allow local communities to enact tax and spending caps. (HB 341) Moving our economy forward, creating more jobs and putting out the “Open for Business sign” in New Hampshire once again.

Read the whole thing.


While on my way back home yesterday morning after closing our business for the day I was able to get a good view of a good portion of Lake Winnipesaukee. From the vantage point (not too far from The Manse) I could see there was little if any open water to be seen. In Alton there was some open water where the river emptied into the bay, but even so the open area was less than 200 feet long and a few yards wide.

I have a feeling Ice Out will be late this year, probably the last week of April.


Apparently anyone posting links to articles, blog posts, or comments skeptical of global warming on Facebook are being treated as “abusive”.

I guess that's one way of suppressing dissenting opinions, particularly if they have data backing up the skeptic's claims.

So much for free and open discourse.

I wonder if they'll ban links to the latest NOAA data showing this past March was 6.6 degrees colder than March 1910? Probably.

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where more moderate spring temperatures have arrived, spring cleanup has started, and storage covers are being pulled off of boats all around the lake.