Thoughts On A Sunday

It's been kind of quiet around The Manse this weekend, with BeezleBub and Twirl Girl off to the People's Republic of Taxachusetts for the New England Drama Competition, and the weather being less than optimal for any kind of outdoor activity. (Heavy rain has a tendency to disrupt things like raking or spreading mulch, and so on.) At least the sun made an appearance this afternoon.

The weekend activities were pretty much limited to housework and laundry. Not such a bad thing on (sorta) rainy weekend.


The ice is almost gone from Lake Winnipesaukee, meaning the Ice Out declaration should be forthcoming sometime this week.

An indicator of the impending Ice Out is the status of a body of water called Lily Pond, which is located at the end of one runway at the local airport. It becomes ice free about a week to 10 days before Ice Out is declared on the big lake, and it was ice free just this past Tuesday.

The latest Ice Out on record is May 12, back in 1888, the earliest on March 4, 2010, and the average date is around April 15.

Some may try to equate last year's record-setting early Ice Out to global warming, but it could also have been attributable to the heavy rain and wind that lashed the area the week prior that broke up ice sheet and hastened the declaration.


Eric the Viking is on a roll, slamming Obama for broken promises and lame complaints about White House phones.


Should we be taking The Donald seriously about his presidential ambitions? Certainly Karl Rove doesn't think so, calling it a distractive sideshow.

I have to agree.


There's been a long running debate about the viability of biofuels. Once seen as a possible answer to reducing our dependence upon foreign sources of energy, the promise has not matched up to reality, with ethanol being the biggest example. Corn-based ethanol is a loser, literally, with the energy required to grow it and turn it into ethanol being even with or greater than the energy we get out of it. It also takes a lot of otherwise productive farmland out of food production, increasing food prices and creating shortages.

A lot of hope has been placed upon algae-based biofuels. Again, certain assumptions have been made that as of yet have not come to pass, the biggest being the ability greatly increase the ability of algae to grow rapidly enough to provide even a moderate amount of fuel. Like other bio-fuels, algae will require a lot of water and space to be viable.

(H/T Instapundit)


Dan Pierce was not impressed with President Obama's speech, seeing it as nothing more than an opening salvo for his 2012 re-election campaign.

I have to agree. It set all kinds of goals, but was short on how to get there. He can't let Congress carry this one for him like previous 'goals' of his because the House is firmly in the hands of the GOP, Nancy Pelosi has become something of a non-entity there, and Harry Reid is incapable of carrying the ball alone. So it's unlikely much will come of it.

It all comes down to this: Obama has to actually lead, something at which he has shown very little capability. He's set all kinds of goals, but met few, if any of them.


Former New Hampshire First Congressional District Representative Carol Shea-Porter has announced she will run for her old seat in 2012. It is apparent from what I've heard and read that she really believes voters didn't really mean to replace her with Republican Frank Guinta.

I guess she figures that voting against the interests of her constituents and her state was something we should all overlook. The fact that she treated her Democrat constituents with disdain, her Republican constituents with contempt, and showed her outright disgust and hatred for the Tea party has nothing to do with her lopsided defeat (54% for Guinta, 42% for Shea-Porter) last November, right?

If she's going to run on her voting record I think she will be defeated again, but by a bigger margin this time around. (That's assuming, of course, that Republican Frank Guinta doesn't blow it down in Washington.)


Oh, this ought to go over well!

“Trust Fund Moonbats Lobby For Those Who Earned Their Wealth To Be Looted.

Taking the hypocrisy and depraved sanctimony that characterize liberalism to a new extreme of self-parody, useless trust fund moonbats have formed a tax-exempt corporation to enforce their demand that other rich people who unlike themselves actually earned their money turn over more of it to be flagrantly wasted by bureaucrats.

Yep, can't have those uppity nouveau riche workhorses to get any ideas, like being able to keep the money they've earned. I mean, how gauche is it to actually have to work for your money!

I expect most of those calling for such a move live on the Coasts, as most moonbats seem to do.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Also by way of Maggie's Farm comes this observation from Assistant Village Idiot:

One side seems able to do math, the other not so much.

AVI is referring to the the divide between conservatives and liberals, and his observations parallel mine.


Atlas Shrugged – Part I debuted in 300 movie theaters across the nation this past Friday. American Thinker has a review and comments about other reviews as published in the MSM.

Does it have blockbuster potential? No, probably not. It upsets too many apple carts and requires some folks to think outside their liberal box. That's a sure path to marginalization. But it does ask some uncomfortable questions that have been long overdue, particularly considering those who sit in the seats of power today.

We must also ask this question: Does Atlas Shrugged change lives?


As Sarah Palin stated this past Friday, it's time for the GOP to “fight like a girl.”



Bob Parks brings us this demonstration of the 'new' civility in political discourse. This took place in that bastion of liberal tolerance and inclusion, Portland, Oregon.

Warning: Adult language in use by the oh-so-tolerant Left. Viewer discretion advised.


Our favorite Texan is getting ready to depart from the UK and head to...Turin, Italy? I thought the idea of going to the UK for a couple of years was so she and her husband could return to the good ol' US of A, and the Houston area in particular. But no.

At least Rachel and Rupert got a little taste of Americana while visiting Turin to look for a new home. With gas there at $8 per gallon, I doubt their find gets driven very much.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where Ice Out is coming soon, the thoughts of getting boats out on the lake are intruding upon our thought processes, and where I'm actually looking forward to Monday for a change.