UK Still Freezing

The UK is still digging out from the snowfall in Scotland and East Anglia as temperatures stay well below freezing throughout the UK. To this point it's been the coldest December in 100 years and Great Britain is suffering from cold temps it is poorly equipped to handle.

Not that it's been all that warm here in New England either, but at least we're used to such weather. The cold temps arrived earlier than expected, with a number of towns in northern New Hampshire reporting overnight lows well below zero (Fahrenheit). It reached about 5ºF here at The Manse early this morning, meaning it was a bit chilly heading out to work. (I seem to recall we've seen more than one Christmas morning over the past 30 years where the day time temps never rose above zero. It wouldn't surprise me if it were to happen this year.)

So does anyone want to tell me about Global Warming again?