Thoughts On A Sunday

The storm that hammered the mid-West has made inroads here into New England, though it's been made itself known in the way of some light snow and freezing rain this morning that changed over to heavy rain and wind in the afternoon.

Deb was caught in the early stages, getting stuck behind an accident-induced traffic jam on her way back from the New Hampshire seacoast. What would normally have been a 1-hour plus drive turned into a four hour trip home.


Speaking of the storm hitting the mid-West hard, the game scheduled between the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings had to be delayed from today to tomorrow because the charter jet taking the Giants to Minneapolis had to be diverted to Kansas City airport. The one in the Twin Cities was closed due to the weather.

UPDATE: The game is now in question as the winds and the weight of the snow on the roof of the Metrodome has caused sections of it to deflate and collapse.

Want to tell us about global warming again?

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


The various pundits, both Lame Stream Media and blogging types, have been wondering whether Barack Obama has, in effect, handed the reins over to Bill Clinton and Joe Biden. Considering how the last Presidential press conference was handed off to Bill, one has consider whether Obama has decided holding the office of President of the United States sounds better than the reality of it, meaning that he's getting tired of actually having to perform the duties of the office. Maybe he thought it would be a cake walk and that through sheer force of will and personality he'd be able to skate through without actually having to do anything.

To quote one of my favorite philosophers, “Wanting is not the same as having.”

Welcome to the real world, Mr. President.


And speaking of Clinton, we have to look back to the presidential campaigns of 2008 when Hillary stated that Barack Obama wasn't up to the job. It turns out she was right.

As Glenn Reynolds had written at one time, he saw Hillary could be “the most uncompromising war-time president in US history.”


Will the EU bow to pressure from the emotional know-nothings to halt the use of genetically modified crops?

Such 'campaigns' have worked before, which is why the means to reduce or even eliminate starvation in African countries has been banned.

“You want to eat those Franken-food crops? Don't you know they're bad for you? You're better off dying of famine! Trust us, we know what's best for you...”

Such compassion.


The New England Patriots played the Chicago Bears in Chicago this afternoon. To say the weather conditions were less than optimal would be an understatement, with snow, high winds, and a wind chill in the single digits. In other words, perfect weather for the Patriots.

Not that the Bears aren't used to cold weather, but the Patriots seem to do better against opponents in winter conditions as they did this time, beating the Bears 36-7.


One question ObamaCare advocates forgot to ask: Will doctors limit the number of 'government' patients they'll see?

The answer is “Yes!”

I'll bet they didn't see that coming.


Lord Monckton's message to the attendees of the Cancun Climate Conference: Do your math. Your numbers don't add up.

To think that totally unimportant decisions about carbon emissions were made based upon faulty and outright false numbers.


We've always been told words have consequences. Now it appears the class warfare rhetoric of the Left has led to destructive action by arsonists in Cape Cod.

Considering much of the Left are also rich, this could come back to bite them in the ass big time.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather has been schizophrenic, Christmas is fast approaching, and where we've been able to dial back the woodstove to 'low'.