Colder Winter Than Predicted?

It's not just the UK freezing this month. Large portions of the US, including a number of states in the South, have been experiencing well below normal temperatures. There have been times over the past few days when it's been colder in Florida than here in northern New England. That does not bode well for the coming winter.

Predictions by NOAA stated that much of the nation would experience a normal or warmer than normal winter. But it appears atmospheric dynamics didn't bother listening to the Weather GuysTM, at least when it comes to Eastern US, giving us some bitterly cold temps. Florida has suffered freezing temps, threatening crops. Fountains in Atlanta froze solid. And here in norther New England we've been experiencing some below normal temps. (It was 9ºF here at The Manse at 6PM today.) Some of the bays and coves around Lake Winnipesaukee are already frozen over and some have been ice covered for a couple of weeks, well ahead of the usual time.

I'm wondering (yet again) whether we will see sub-zero temperatures on Christmas Day, something that is known to happen around here from time to time.