Getting To Big For Her Britches?

It's bad enough when Nancy Pelosi is working hard to take control of our economy and, in the process, damage it. Now she wants to do the same thing to the Canadian economy, too.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be in Ottawa to attend a meeting of the G-8 Speakers. But the buzz around town and across Canada has nothing to do with the official summit agenda. Ms. Pelosi, along with Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey (co-author of the House's climate and energy bill), will be having dinner tonight with Ed Stelmach, premier of Canada's energy-rich Alberta province.


A boom is underway in Northern Alberta to extract the gooey, thick tar and convert it to oil for refining into gasoline. But environmentalists hate the oil sands, calling them the worst climate-offending energy source of all, and almost no one expects Mrs. Pelosi is on an intellectually honest mission. As columnist Don Martin wrote in Canada's National Post, "A suspicious observer would think Wednesday's visit to Ottawa will be more about gathering input for a future trash-talking of the Alberta and Saskatchewan oilsands than an unbiased hearing of the facts."

It seems Nancy Pelosi doesn't like the tar sands. Never mind that Canada provides 10% of the US oil needs and provides thousands of jobs to Canadians, which in turn adds billions of dollars of income to Canada's economy. She doesn't want that nasty oil coming into her country and wants Canada to stop extracting that nasty oil from their tar sands and wants Canada to lay off all those workers extracting all that nasty oil from Alberta's tar sands. (She hasn't come right out and said that, but from listening to some of her earlier pronouncements, it's apparent to me that's exactly what she wants.)

Maybe it's time to remind Nancy that she is the Speaker of the House in the US, not Canada. She holds no power in Canada despite her lofty position in Congress. Does she believe she can convince Canadians to abandon one of their most plentiful natural resources, one that the US so desperately needs? Or does she figure she can ruin the Canadian economy, too? Is she really that arrogant?

Wait a second. Of course she is! We've seen enough of that when she was ramrodding that g**awful ObamaCare bill down the American people's throats. Did she care if it was unconstitutional? Heck no. (That we do know as we've seen her response to a question asked by a reporter about the constitutionality of the ObamaCare bill. She doesn't care.)

Wrecking the American economy isn't enough for her. She has to wreck Canada's too.

That ought to make her popular.