Best Line Ever

The best line I've ever heard in regards to Congress came during a televised debate between Republican candidates for New Hampshire's 1st Congressional district. The candidates were asked about earmarks and what they would do about them. All the candidates said they should be done away with. However, the best response came from Nick Ashooh, talking about how the seniority system made it easier for those in Congress to 'bring home the bacon':

“We need to do away with the seniority system [in Congress] altogether. Why should Congress operate like a union?”


When you think about it, Congress does operate like a labor union. Seniority rules over ability or experience in a given area. That's how some of the least qualified Congresscritters end up on various committees even though they may have no knowledge about whatever the committee is supposed to be handling. Worse, these know-nothings sometimes end up as the chairman of the committee. How is that supposed to be in the best interests of the nation?