Delaware GOP To O'Donnell: Drop Dead!

As I write this (5:52PM) the winner of the GOP primary in New Hampshire for the US Senate race hasn't been declared yet. But one Senate race that is finished is the one between Christine O'Donnell and Mike Castle in Delaware. It wasn't even a close contest, with O'Donnell beating Castle 53% to 47%. But what does the GOP leadership do instead of congratulating O'Donnell and pledging their support?

They abandon her.

What a class act, Delaware GOP. Way. To. Go.

Because your handpicked RINO candidate didn't win you've decided you're going to take your ball and go home.

Is it any wonder the GOP is in trouble in a number of states? How many of the GOP establishment favorites have had their heads handed to them in various state primaries? Could it be the people have had enough of the GOP being nothing more than Democrat Lite and have decided to throw the bums out, including GOP bums?

In Delaware it's time for the state GOP to man up and support the candidate the people have chosen. (At least the NRSC has realized the mistake the Delaware GOP has made and kicked in ~$43,000 towards O'Donnell's campaign. A pittance, yes, but a start nonetheless.)

The various state GOP organizations had better realize what the electorate is telling them and start supporting the candidates that reflect the core beliefs of old GOP or they may find themselves supplanted by those who will, or worse, the people will make the GOP superfluous.