Thoughts On A Sunday

Though the weekend started out well, I had to make a dash to the local emergency veterinary clinic this morning with one of our feline family members.

Hilda hadn't been feeling well the past couple of days and this morning she was totally listless, unable to keep anything down, including water. After a brief phone discussion with the vet at the clinic I gathered Hilda up, put her (unprotesting) into the cat carrier, and got her to the vet.

The vet found she was severely dehydrated, probably due to a stomach ailment. Hilda will be getting a couple of x-rays, some blood work, and an I.V. to help rehydrate her. She'll be staying overnight and I'll pick her up Monday morning and take her to her regular doctor.


As if my post of yesterday about the 'Political Class' needed any more juice to back it up, here's Chris Muir's take on the same issue.

Take my word for it, his take is far scarier than mine.

Victor Davis Hansen adds his three cents worth in regards to Obama's total disconnect with the American electorate.


Skip Murphy points us to a graph that illustrates just how well the “Summer Of Recovery” is working.

Hint: It's not.


Stephen Spruiell also piles on the lack of economic recovery, specifically in the private sector.

The argument from the Left appears to be that government workers should remain insulated until private-sector hiring picks up again. It does not seem to occur to those making this argument that maybe one reason private-sector hiring isn’t picking up again is because the government is vacuuming up capital to preserve government jobs, taking on large amounts of debt in the process that will have to be repaid through higher taxes in the future. Higher taxes in the future means lower returns on investments made today, which means that the private sector will create fewer jobs than it would have otherwise.

Gee, why didn't someone think of that? Oh, wait...we did way back in late January 2009! Too bad Obama and the Congressional Democrats chose to ignore us then and continue to do so now.

(H/T Viking Pundit)


Deb and I ventured out on the lake this afternoon with a friend's family.

Going out onto Winnipesaukee on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon is something we rarely do due to the large number of boats and the rough water created by them. It makes for slow going unless you're willing to deal with the thumping you'll take at higher speeds. The weekend also meant our favorite sandbar would be crowded, which it was.

It took a while to maneuver through the other anchored boats at the sandbar and once at our destination we had to use both a bow and stern anchor to keep The Boat from swinging about and striking an adjacent boat. Leaving wasn't all that easy either, having to pull both anchors at the same time in order to keep from drifting into another boat.

It's things like that that usually keep me off the lake on weekends. I'd rather enjoy our time out on the lake, not work at getting from one place to the next and then dealing with hundreds of other boats trying to use the same small patch of water at the same time.


The Feminazis aren't gone, they've just been re-branded as femisogynists.

I've seen how the feminist movement was hijacked and became less about equal rights and more about revictimizing women, making them out to be incapable of standing on their own while at the same time vilifying men. Betty Friedan must spinning in her grave.


As happens almost every year on the anniversaries of dropping the A-Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the revisionists come out in force to decry Harry Truman's decision to use the bomb. And, as always, they are wrong.

Between those two cities about 150,000 died. That's half of the number of civilians killed when the Japanese invaded and took Nanjing, China.

It was estimated that there would have been 500,000+ American casualties and up to 15,000,000 civilian casualties if we'd had to invade the Japanese home islands.

Of course the revisionists ignore those particular factors when condemning Truman's decision. After all, it's not like he's still here to defend himself. Nor are there many left who actually fought the Japanese or planned the battles during the Pacific campaign to tell the revisionists that they're full of crap.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weekend weather was great, the lake was rough, and where we're still waiting to hear about Hilda.