An Apt Description

I've heard lots of people on both sides of the political dividing line describe Barack Obama using a number of terms and phrases, but the following from a comment to Karl Rove's op-ed about Harry Reid has got to be one of the best I've seen:

...I have never witnessed an administration so truculently at odds with the American public's values and culture. Obama combines the vindictiveness of Nixon with the ineptness of Carter. Add a dash of Adlai Stevenson's elite professorial aires (sic) and you have an accurate picture of BHO.

The vindictiveness of Nixon with the ineptness of Carter.” After thinking about it for a while it became clear to me that this description of our present President was apt.

Nixon may have been vindictive, but at least he was an effective President. Carter may have been inept, but at least he had actually done something substantive with his life before he became President. Obama cannot make either claim.