Thoughts On A Sunday

Here we are in the second day of the Memorial Day Weekend, and we've had to modify our usual weekend activities. While we often have Sunday brunch at our favorite restaurant, we've decided not to do so this week as we already know it will be packed from the time it opens in the morning until it closes at 2 in the afternoon. (It might also have something to do with BeezleBub working at the farm today. He usually has Sundays off while school is in session, but with the three day weekend, he's working his first Sunday of the season.)


The latest addition to our feline population has been settling in with little fuss.

Miley has made the adjustment from a home filled with dogs to one filled with cats. She's already managed to school Henry, one of our more aggressive male cats, that she's no pushover and has sent him running off on more than one occasion. She's used to handling a pair of boxers, so dealing with him is no big deal for her.

She's still a little skittish with the others but has managed to reach a point where she gets along with at least two of her fellow residents: Bagheera (the old man of the bunch) and Pip (the youngest). She's still working things out with Minnie, the one cat that Miley most resembles in regards to temperament, affection, activities, and size.


As if President Obama is getting hammered enough due to his wishy-washy and long delayed response to the oil spill in the Gulf, he's now being compared to King Canute.

As Eric writes, “If there's one thing more ridiculous than being King Canute, it's believing in King Canute.”


Is it possible claims made in a study about the loss of sea ice are erroneous, overstating the actual loss of summer ice?


I have to agree wholeheartedly with this comment to this post about refugees from communism have to say about the efforts of our Dear Leader to lead us down that particular rat hole.

Foreigners who have come here to be Americans because they experienced the wonderfulness of socialism and communism are appalled at the stupidity and ignorance of the utopianists here.

What was it like in Russia, the Ukraine, Czechaslovakia (sic), etc.? Was everyone "working together for the common good"? Or, was there a two percent who had fabulous living while the prols (sic) lived in third world misery as documented in their newly opened files?

At least here 10% have fabulous lives, 80% have nice lives, and 10% sit on their ass and bitch that their welfare checks aren't big enough because they only have one large screen color TV.

Delusion always has its place in the attempted creation of utopian states. The problem is that utopian states always end up being hell on earth. But that doesn't stop the deluded from trying.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Skip Murphy keeps us up to date on his youngest's deployment to Afghanistan.


While I am not normally one to visit yard sales, I made an exception this weekend. One of my neighbors up the road (actually, up the hill) had a few items that fit in rather nicely with our needs. The first item we picked up was a nice leather office chair that brought our complement to a total of three in the Official Weekend Pundit Office, meaning there's now one chair for every computer in the room. Not bad for $20.

The second item was something quite simple: a boat seat cushion/throwable PFD (Personal Flotation Device). I have two on The Boat now, but a third one will come in handy. It was only one dollar and well worth every penny.

Now if I can find a few 4” fenders for The Boat....


Both Iowahawk and Kim Priestap prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Palin Derangement Syndrome is alive and well within the minds of Liberals.

(H/T HughS at Wizbang)


I knew it was only a matter of time, and Nancy Pelosi did not disappoint.

Apparently she wholeheartedly believes the BP oil spill in the Gulf is all George W. Bush's fault!

And Bush Derangement Syndrome lives on and on, a gift that keeps on giving to the Left.


It appears President Obama is so busy thinking about the Gulf oil spill and planning a tribute concert for Paul McCartney at the White House that he barely has enough time to snub Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Considering his comments about Arizona's immigration law (the one that mirror's US federal law), one would think he'd at least make some time to talk to her about it when she's in Washington, keeping his continuously broken “reach across the aisle” campaign promise.


Claims by the academic Left that domestic terrorist are all a product of the Right notwithstanding, Blue Crab Boulevard looks at the claim and sounds the “B******t!” alarm and breaks down the list of the FBI's Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists and shows that all of them are from the Left.

But when have academics from the Left ever let facts get in their way?


Count Vermont among the states finding out they won't be able to keep all the social spending they've instituted over the years because tax revenues aren't keeping up to expenditures, nor are they likely to any time soon.

New Hampshire has the same problem as the governor and the legislature have so far been unable to close a projected $295 million budget gap. At least the governor appears to understand that raising taxes any further is a non-starter, seeing as earlier tax and fee increases have not raised the revenues expected and have had the not unexpected side effect of hurting already struggling businesses and residents. Most of the people of New Hampshire understand how to fix the problem, but the folks in Concord aren't listening. The answer?

Cut spending until expenditures meet revenues.

The same answer applies in Vermont, but I have no doubt it will be ignored there as well.


Who'da thunk it?

Apparently all this stimulus spending is actually costing jobs, not creating them. At least that's what a study by the Harvard Business School reports.


As the true costs and the non-health effects of ObamaCare have come to light, it has become quite apparent that its unintended consequences will have profound negative effects on the American economy as well as American society.

Rather than being a solution to a perceived problem, it has become a problem in and of itself.

This is not what the American people wanted.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer has finally begun, the summerfolk have arrived in droves, and where we plan to make use of The Boat as much as possible this summer.