Road Rage Incident: Cops 2, Miscreants 0

Who says there's never a cop around when you need one?

As these two teens found out, a cop could be the guy in the car in front of you that you just harassed and threatened in a road rage incident.

Two teens who allegedly followed, then threatened an off-duty police officer at his home after a road rage incident were arrested Friday night.

Apparently they didn't like seeing the officer's car in front of them even though he had passed them while they were driving well under the speed limit. So they sped up, followed him home, and threatened him with a baseball bat once he pulled into his driveway.

My son is acquainted with one of the teens involved in the incident and was not surprised to find out he was involved. I know the police officer they threatened (he lives just down the street from us), and know he's a pretty cool customer.

Let's hope these two jerks learned a valuable lesson. But if what my son told me about one of them is true, it's unlikely.