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We've had a respite from the usual winter weather, the so-called January thaw, with temperatures above freezing, even overnight. A lot of the ice and packed snow on the driveway melted away, leaving bare pavement. The warmer temps also allowed us to keep the Official Weekend Pundit Woodstove dialed all the way back, meaning the interior of The Manse was toasty warm while burning very little firewood. But it looks like our brief reprieve will be coming to an end later this evening.

Snow is forecast to start late this evening and last through the night until some time tomorrow. That means I'll be up a little earlier than usual tomorrow morning to clear the driveway so I can make it to work. At least BeezleBub doesn't have to worry about getting to school because of the MLK holiday. That doesn't mean he won't be getting up early to help clear the driveway.


And speaking of woodstoves and firewood, BeezleBub as been splitting and stacking firewood at the farm, putting up next winter's cordwood. He's managed to go through a few cords so far, with only a hundred or two left to go.


More guns in the hands of law abiding citizens lead to lower crime rates. Some people have been acting as if this is some kind of joke or an anomaly in the crime statistics. But for those of us living in states with lax gun laws (meaning those states with a real understanding of the Second Amendment, like New Hampshire, Vermont, and Wyoming, just to name a few) have understood this effect for a long time. When even little old ladies are packin' heat and are more than willing to “bust a cap in yo' ass” should a criminal miscreant make the mistake of thinking they're an easy score, criminals think twice about committing crimes. Well, at least the smarter ones do. The dumb ones end up wounded or dead.

Besides, the average gun carrying citizen tends to be a better shot than criminals because they actually spend time at the range practicing.


Speaking of gun laws, one New Hampshire legislator has obviously been drinking the gun-control kool aid. She has proposed a law to ban guns from the State House, going farther than the gun ban rule imposed by a legislative committee without hearings. Personally, I don't like the idea. She hasn't thought of the actual cost of implementing the law, which would require metal detectors and x-ray machines at each of the 14 entrances and the personnel to man them.

But listening to her on the local TV station, she repeated the gun-grabber claim that reducing the number of guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens will somehow reduce gun-related crimes. Crime statistics say otherwise (see post above).


Powerline informs us the The Cape Cod Times has endorsed Scott Brown for the US Senate.

While not a big paper with nationwide reach, its endorsement is telling. After all it's located in Ted Kennedy's back yard (figuratively), and it has little use for Martha Coakley.

There are many people who would like to make this race a referendum on the current health care debate, but the election is more than one issue, no matter how important that issue might be. This election is about representing the people of Massachusetts on all issues.

While we have common ground with Coakley on some points, we have our concerns about her ability to be effective in Washington based on her underwhelming campaign. With the luxury of being the front-runner since the first day of this race, Coakley has done little to demonstrate her passion for the office and commitment to the people. She squandered an opportunity to show vision but instead has run a campaign that seemed intended to run out the clock.

It's more likely she will be nothing but a rubber stamp senator for Harry Reid, whose agenda doesn't have the best interests of the average American as its focus.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


There's been lot's of speculation about what happens if Brown is elected to the Senate on Tuesday. Will the Democrats, both in Massachusetts and in Washington DC, will try to delay Brown from taking his office as long as they can in an effort to force through a vote on health care reform? The big question: Can interim Senator Paul Kirk, appointed by Governor Deval Patrick to fill the seat left empty with the death of Teddy Kennedy until the special election, can constitutionally vote after Tuesday. If the answer is no, the 60-vote super-majority the Democrats have enjoyed is gone and a cloture vote would likely fail.


If you need to see examples of class versus no class one need go no farther than Maui.

Apparently the paparazzi were so obnoxious that Sarah Palin and her family were forced to cut their vacation on Maui short. The photographers were so obnoxious that other hotel guests complained to the resort management.

Before departing the Palins apologized to the resort staff and patrons about the disruptions caused by others. To me (and many others) that tells me the Palins have class. The paparazzi, on the other hand, have none.


I watched the Vikings-Cowboys game late this afternoon/early evening (DVR's are wonderful things!) after moving almost a cord of firewood into the garage of The Manse.

It was a game that paralleled the Patriots-Ravens game last weekend, with the Cowboys taking the role of the Patriots. The Vikings pounded the Cowboys, winning 34-3.

I'd like to think the Vikings can go all the way, proving that Brett Favre isn't too old to be playing the game and heralding the return of the Purple People Eaters.


Jon Stewart uses Rachel Maddow to prove that Bush Derangement Syndrome is still alive and well, slamming her (rightfully so) for using the situation in Haiti to bash former President George Bush.

Earth to Rachel: WTF?


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where ice-in has been declared, the ice fishing derby will start in a couple of weeks, and where winter has returned with a vengeance.

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