Sarah Palin - "Man Of The Year"

When I saw this over at Instapundit, I wondered if he was linking to Time magazine. Instead, it turns out he linked to a far better place.

Don Surber explains why he's selected Sarah Palin as Man Of The Year.

While each of the finalists was deserving, there can be only one man of the year — Sarah Palin. In the pantheon of people who stood up this year for that which is right, no one else stood taller or looked better.

She endured the most and came to symbolize the majority of American citizens who are stunned by the attempt to rapidly dismantle this great nation of ours and transform it into another Euro-weenie socialist country that apologizes for trying to save the rest of the world over the years.

The cynic in me said I should honor the person most responsible for reviving the conservative movement — Barack Obama. His arrogance and over-reach gave people pause. The plunder of the treasury in February caused even apolitical people to question his true motives.

But conservatives make lousy cynics. Skeptics yes. We refuse to act now, think later.


Though Sarah is no longer in office, she has not let that stop her from becoming a symbol for many of the frustrated people of Middle America (and I'm not talking about fly-over country, but about those of us stuck between the “gimmee-gimmees” and the looters..er...members of the political elite. We're sick and tired of being talked down to or being told we have to give up even more of our hard-earned money to a government that apparently has no scruples in regards to pissing it away on things most of us don't want, has no understanding of the real worth of those hard-earned dollars, and no understanding of how the economy works in the real world. It has become evident to more and more Americans that Sarah Palin gets it because she is one of us.

She understands the problems with profligate government spending, government corruption and how it costs the taxpayers, the poison of the so-called “Old Boys Network”, and has a firm grasp on the concept of frugal spending (i.e. don't spend what you haven't got and don't go into hock just to spend it). Is it any surprise she draws large crowds at book signings and speeches?

Will she run for president in 2012? Who knows. Even if she decides not to run, she will be someone those aspiring to the office will have to measure up to. If they cannot appeal to Middle America, they will not get the votes they need to win.

I can understand why Don chose Sarah Plain as Man of the Year.

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