The Four Horsemen - Revisited

DaTechguy reminds us of the heyday of the blogosphere when the Four Horsemen of the Ablogalypse rode the 'net.

Of the four, the only one I still read is Glenn Reynolds.

Steven Den Beste pulled the plug on USS Clueless some years ago and now blogs about anime at Chizumatic. He still appears now and then out on the rest of the blogoshere, making poignant and well thought out political commentary on other people's blogs.

As most folks know, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has gone over to the dark side. Unfortunately, so has Andrew Sullivan, though the Sullivan that was still comes through from time.

I still have the original Four Horseman links near the top of the blogroll, though I may have to change them. For the Best of Den Beste I'll change the link to a zipped archive of all his USS Clueless posts. Even after all this time his commentary still has its original bite and clarity of thought.

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