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It was a night out last night for the WP clan, a gathering of the family including Deb, BeezleBub, the WP Parents, two of the three WP sibs, and yours truly. We headed out to one of the local eateries to celebrate the fourth anniversary of my adopting BeezleBub. There was great food (including wonderful desserts), and great company. We don't get the opportunity to get out with the clan all that often.


Best headline of the week, from Drudge: The Ego Has Landed.

Could the IOC decision for the 2016 Summer Olympics host city be the biggest blow to Obama's ego since he's taken office because it turns out it's only the MSM that loves him?

What will he do when he finds even the MSM love affair is turning cold?

Goodness knows the Europeans aren't nearly enamored of him. Much of that can be blamed on the disrespect he showed during his pitch. He was the “Ugly American” writ large.

What will he do when he finds even the MSM love affair is turning cold?

Of course all of this is really George W. Bush's fault.

Eric the Viking also piles on, and rightfully so.


The Guardian, a very liberal UK newspaper, asks the question Will California become America's the first failed state?

When liberal newspapers are questioning the viability of America's leading socialist 'utopia', you know it's in trouble.


Sarah Palin's book is still #1 on Amazon. C4P has the details about her book.

Also, why the Left hates Sarah Palin beyond any reason.


It has become apparent the $787 billion stimulus bill is a failure, with unemployment edging towards 10%.

Some claim the actual unemployment rate is closer to 17% because many unemployed have stopped looking for work or have taken part-time jobs paying a fraction of their previous positions.

If early retirements (meaning “retire now or be fired”) are taken into account, the 9.8% unemployment rate is optimistic at best.


Is a climate change bill dead until next year? Obama's energy advisor, Carol Browner, says there's no way Congress will get a bill passed this year.


Some more reality for President Obama.

What Obama doesn't want to accept is that the Democrats' scheme for government takeover of health care is deeply controversial. In fact, most Americans oppose it, many bitterly--as, in my view, they should.

Obama also doesn't seem to understand that he is a not-very-popular President with a poor track record of accomplishment who is not in a position to demand anything from Congress. At the end of the day, the Democrats may or may not have the votes to pass a radical "reform" bill. But whether they do or do not have the votes will not be determined by empty threats from President Obama.

Charisma and eloquence can only take him so far. He actually has to do something other than talk and campaign for a change.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Also via Maggie's Farm, Wretchard's commentary on the Death of Liberalism.

...[T]he unpopularity of Bush to some extent masked the real weakness of the Left. While still enormously powerful from a political, economic and cultural standpoint, their racket had become irremediably transparent and nowhere was this manifested more clearly than in the rejection of the mainstream media, which, last we checked, had a credibility about equal to that of used car salesmen. The loss of authority was irreversible and not even the election of Barack Obama could alter that.

Obama after Bush was therefore a “false dawn”. The evidence for this lies precisely in the unseemly haste of the Left and collaterally conveyed by the precipitous drop in Obama’s popularity. It turns out that there was nothing underneath him and therefore nothing underneath them.

And so it goes.


A fellow by the name of John L. Perry writes a piece posted on Newsmax supposedly advocating a military coup to overthrow Barack Obama and the Left goes nuts, railing against the “GOP wingnut” proposing such a coup, saying he should be tried for treason.

But there's only one problem: Perry is a Democrat, a veteran of the Johnson and Carter administrations, and a fellow at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, a think tank not known for its conservative leanings.

So how does that make him a GOP wingnut?


Here's an excellent quote of the day, courtesy of Bruce.


The New England Patriots played the Baltimore Ravens in Foxboro today, beating them 27-21.

It looks like the team is shaping up and coming together, looking better than the first two games.


I've been looking over the vast Weekend Pundit Archives, focusing on last summer and fall and the posts about the political conventions and presidential campaign. After reading a few months worth of posts, I realized that quite a few of them were prescient, predicting exactly what the Obama Administration would be attempting. The predictions lend themselves to a couple of posts looking back and comparing what was predicted versus what's come to pass.

Talk about a target rich environment!


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the leaves are turning, the leaf peepers are arriving, and where the chimney sweeps will be cleaning our chimney tomorrow.

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