More Zero-Tolerance Nonsense

As I've written before, zero-tolerance policies, particularly when it comes to public schools, are the refuge of the lazy. Such policies fall under the Law of Unintended Consequences, punishing the innocent far too often while generating bad feelings and lawsuits.

Zero-tolerance policies have claimed more victims, in this case a six year-old first grade student (and a Cub Scout), a high school student (and an Eagle Scout), and a 14 year-old student.

The first two were 'busted' for carrying 'deadly weapons', the six year-old for bring in his Official Boy Scout eating utensil kit (with spoon, fork, and knife), and the high school student for having a 2-inch pocketknife...in his car.

The six-year old was suspended and was 'sentenced' to spend 45-days in the county reform school. How stupid is that?

The high school student was suspended for 4 weeks for his major infraction of carrying that huge weapon of mass destruction in his car. How stupid is that?

And the 14-year old was suspended for wearing a wristband. A wristband. How. Stupid. Is. That?

As long as zero-tolerance policies like these exist, no one will be willing to actually make a decision, to take responsibility for making a decision, and kids will suffer for this lack. How stupid is that?

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