They Should Understand The Law Before Enforcing It

Glenn Beck brought up an interesting point when he was grilling Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal about his actions, investigating the AIG bonuses and those receiving them.

Blumenthal claimed the AIG executives were "undeserving" of the bonuses. Blumenthal also pointed out the bonuses paid out were to increase next year. However, Beck pressed Blumenthal on the legality of that and Blumenthal came up blank in this exchange:

BECK: Is that against the law?

BLUMENTHAL: Well, it is against public policy. And it is unsanctioned by law.

BECK: Is that against the law?

BLUMENTHAL: It should be against the law.

BECK: Is it against the law?

BLUMENTHAL: It's against the public policy and against the taxpayer...In my view it is unrequired by law.

BECK: It is a yes or no question. Counselor, it is a yes or no question. Is it against the law?

BLUMENTHAL: It is not against the law and I have never said that it is against the law, and I have never said that we would bring an action.

BECK: Then you know what you should do? You should enforce the law. You shouldn't use your bully pulpit to gain popularity.

And that's the crux of the matter. What AIG did was not against the law. Therefore, there is nothing for Blumenthal or fellow Attorney General Anthony Cuomo of New York to investigate. It's all political posturing for their own gain. Neither can cite any law AIG has broken in regards to the bonuses paid out, bonuses they were obligated to pay out under contracts they had with those receiving them. AIG followed the law, paying out those bonuses, bonuses OK'd by Secretary of the Treasury Geithner (before he became the head of the Treasury).

Apparently these gentlemen have a difficult time understanding what is the law from what they'd like the law to be. Perhaps they need to go back to law school to refresh their memories before they waste any more of the taxpayer's money “investigating” actions that have broken no laws.

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