Hating What's Right

Though this appeared on Ace of Spades a couple of weeks ago, I felt it's still fresh and something conservatives and moderates should watch. If nothing else it delineates why the liberal/leftists Democrats see nothing good about America and do everything they can to tear it down.

Evan Sayet breaks it down to concepts even liberals can understand.

One point Evan brings up is the one sub-group each in the world of celebrities and academia that aren't automatically liberal Democrats, but Republicans: professional athletes and those in the hard sciences, respectively. His explanation: they both deal with objective truth, something that can't be explained away or excused via ideology or rhetoric. Professional athletes can't explain their performance (or lack of it) as a matter of politics or some kind of subjective BS, nor can someone like a physicist attribute the success or failure of an experiment to prejudice or affirmative action.

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