Interest In Sarah Palin Is Still Out There

It seems interest in Sarah Palin isn't going away. At least this time the interest is in the form of a positive article covering everything the media chose to ignore or twisted into something unrecognizable.

One of the more telling paragraphs of the article:
The reaction of the intellectual elite to Sarah Palin was far more provincial than Palin herself ever has been, and those who reacted so viscerally against her evinced little or no appreciation for an essential premise of democracy: that practical wisdom matters at least as much as formal education, and that leadership can emerge from utterly unexpected places. The presumption that the only road to power passes through the Ivy League and its tributaries is neither democratic nor sensible, and is, moreover, a sharp and wrongheaded break from the American tradition of citizen governance.
It is many of those same intellectual elite who were the driving force behind the character assassination of Palin. One example: How many times was mention made by the media and leftist bloggers that Sarah Palin's academic credentials were “not of the right caliber,” meaning she hadn't attended a prestigious institute of higher learning (she matriculated from the University of Idaho), and hadn't taken the right course of studies, meaning law, government, political science, or finance. They couldn't possibly allow someone not of the right crowd to attain the second highest political office in the land. After all, she wasn't “one of them.”

What many of them don't understand is that the American people don't want the intellectual elite to run things because they've done such a piss poor job of it so far. One reason for that is far too many of them lack common sense. Not surprising since none of them consider themselves 'common'. It's only the rest of us who are common.

We also have a better handle on the way things work, just like Sarah. She's worked at jobs many of the elite see as beneath them. She's run a business where a single bad season could lead to ruin, but came through on top. She's had to struggle to make ends meet, where the elite have not. In other words, she's one of us. I know both Deb and I wouldn't feel intimidated to have Sarah and Todd over for dinner. We'd throw some steaks on the grill, get some nice bread and butter corn on the cob, make up some really good slaw, tip back a few cold ones, and tell family tales.

I'd take Sarah and Todd in our home over any of the so-called elite any day. Maybe that's why there's still a lot of people interested in Sarah Palin and her plans for 2012. Count me as one of them.

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