A Better Economic Stimulus Plan?

As the porkulus bill makes its way through Congress, more people are coming to realize the so-called 'cure' for the economy may be worse than the economy. The Democrats on the Hill are still trying to find a way to spend $1 trillion (that's trillion, with a 't') of our money in a fashion that will not benefit any of us, but will buy them a lot of traction from labor unions, campaign donors, leftist organizations with little love of America, all while piling on the pork to levels unheard of in our history.

As I mentioned in this post, Congressional Republicans are trying to rein in the Democrats spending spree, proposing their own spending bill that is more likely to do what a stimulus bill is supposed to do, but costing less than half of the bill the Democrats are pushing.

A number of people have offered their own ideas for a stimulus plan, some not too different from what either the Democrats or Republicans are proposing, and others that are way out there.

But one of the best came from the last place I ever expected to hear a serious suggestion:

Jump to the 16:00 mark and listen to Jon Stewart's plan. (Yes, that Jon Stewart.) It makes far more sense than any of the other plans I've heard.

(H/T Free Bear And Hot Wings)

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