Thoughts On A Sunday

It's Super Bowl Sunday and it has been impossible to escape coverage of the pre-game activities. TV, radio, newpapers, and web sites have been nothing but Patriots, Patriots, Patriots for two weeks.

We're headed over to one of Deb's friends to catch the game on their oh-my-GOD sized HDTV, though we'll only be staying until halftime. With a 6:20PM kickoff, we can't stay until the end of the game, it being a school night.


Unless you've been hiding some place without Internet access, you must have heard of the madness of the Berkeley's city Council and their minions, Code Pink and World Can't Wait.

The two protest groups have been holding almost daily protests outside the Marine Recruiting office. They've been doing so with the support of the Berkeley City Council, which passed a resolution calling the Marines “uninvited and unwelcome intruders in the city.” To his credit, one council member disagreed with the decree. Councilmember Gordon Wozniak was the only dissenting voice in the city council.

And here's a libertarian view of the whole kerfuffle.


The last bit of winter weather we experienced on Friday was what many called “a useless storm.” Lots of sleet and freezing rain created hazardous travel conditions in a very short time. The clean up afterwards was lengthy and painful for many, yours truly included.

It wasn't a matter of firing up the trusty Official Weekend Pundit Snowblower and removing the frozen precipitation. Oh no. Instead it required the use of chemical intervention to loosen up the frozen mess and a lot of muscle power to move the two to three inches of icy cover.

BeezleBub and I spent quite a bit of time breaking up and shoveling the ice to clear the driveway and the area in front of The Manse's garage. Once the sun had moved and was no longer working to melt the area we were trying to clear, the work stopped. We were hoping for more sun today to help us continue the work, but it looks like we'll be out of luck. Sunshine isn't expected until later in the day when the cloud cover will move off and by that time the sun won't hit the area we still need to clear.


The Barrister at Maggie's Farm asks the question: “How come liberals never talk about liberty?”

Yeah, why is that?


Do you need any more evidence that any kind of government run health care would be a very bad idea? If so, all you need to do is look at Massachusetts to see one possible future of health care.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where we're still chipping ice, dreams of spring are starting to intrude, and where Monday will get here all too soon.

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