A Coincidence?

Is it coincidence, or acts of deliberate sabotage?

Four undersea fiber optic cables in the Middle East and South Asia have been cut over the past few days, all of them owned by the same company. While some may say it is just a coincidence, I am not one to believe in coincidences like this.

One of these cuts have been attributed to weather. Another to a ship's anchor dropping on the cable in question. The cause of the failures of the other two cables have not been determined, but they occurred far offshore.

If these failures had occurred to cables owned by different companies I might believe it was coincidence. But after checking a map of undersea cable routes and the owner/operators of those systems, I find it hard to believe that only the cables of Flag Telecom have been taken out of service by “failures”. It smacks more of deliberate acts.

If enough cables can be taken out, Internet and phone service into and out of the Middle East and South Asia will be disrupted. If nothing else it will cut off outside news and information from reaching the denizens of those areas.

The question is, who benefits from the failures? It shouldn't be hard to figure that one out.

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