A Preview Of Universal Health Care

Have you ever wondered what health care in the US would be like if Hillary gets her way and forces universal single payer medical coverage upon the American people? If you think it's a good idea, perhaps you'll change your mind after you see this.

If you think this case is atypical of the Canadian health care system, you're wrong. It's all too common. In fact, in the Quebec lawsuit brought before the Canadian Supreme Court mentioned in this video, the Court declared “Access to a waiting list for health care is not access to health care.

Other examples abound in the UK, where the NHS (National Health Service) has increasingly provided poor, long delayed, or non-existent medical treatment to British subjects. Waiting lists are 18 weeks long or longer. Medical conditions that are readily curable if immediate treatment is rendered become life threatening or fatal if delayed for that long. To paraphrase an American aphorism, “Medical treatment delayed is medical treatment denied.” Of course, if patients die before treatment is administered the government saves a lot of money. If you think they would never be so callous, think again.

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