Ron Paul - An Endorsement

It's been some time since we heard from former WorldNetDaily Commentary Editor Tom. He e-mailed me a link to one of his latest pieces, an endorsement for Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul. Even though I am not supporter of Representative Paul, there are a few areas where I agree with him.

However, the fact that I am not one of his supporters does not preclude a friend of the Weekend Pundit clan from voicing his/her support for a different candidate.

Despite long ago repenting from being a Republican and from voting for Republicans, I must confess I am momentarily backsliding: I will be voting for Ron Paul. People from all parts of the political spectrum - including many people from the so-called "third parties," like myself - will be voting for him as well. Because of this, he has a legitimate shot at winning the presidency and doing what needs to be done to fix our nation.

Tom brings up some excellent points, so RTWT.

Paul's recent fund-raising effort took quite a few of the pundits by surprise, raising over $4 million in a very short time. I have a feeling that Mr. Paul may end up becoming far more visible to the voting public than he has up to now. If nothing else, he'll make it interesting.

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