Lieberman Speaks Out Against Democrats

First, it was Karl Rove hammering on the congressional Democrats. Then is was Democrat Senator Joe Biden slamming his fellow Democrats. They both laid a hurtin' on the Democrats.

Now it's Joe Lieberman getting his licks in.

“There is something profoundly wrong — something that should trouble all of us — when we have elected Democratic officials who seem more worried about how the Bush administration might respond to Iran's murder of our troops, than about the fact that Iran is murdering our troops.”

“There is likewise something profoundly wrong when we see candidates who are willing to pander to this politically paranoid, hyper-partisan sentiment in the Democratic base, even if it sends a message of weakness and division to the Iranian regime,” Lieberman said in a thinly veiled swipe at Clinton's Democratic challengers.

Two leading Democrats have spoken out against their party and its leaders. If more do so we may find a major split in the Democrat party, with the leftists on one side and the moderates on the other.

Will this happen? Unfortunately it is unlikely. Pelosi, Reid, et al are too beholden to the fringe elements, much to the detriment of the moderates within the party.

(H/T Libertarian Leanings)

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