A Democrat Slams The Democrats

First, it's Karl Rove hammering on the congressional Democrats for their get-nothing-done-but-say-we're-doing-things record since they became the majority.

Then, it's the Democrat's own Joe Biden slamming the Democrats because they have “lost their faith in the American people in terms of leveling with them.”

I guess that's because they think that the American people are too stupid to be able to make their own choices.

When [Biden] asks groups of Democrats if they think the American people are stupid because they elected George W. Bush twice, most respond that, yes, they do, he said. He said he thinks that attitude is a real problem for the Democrats, who fail to understand how smart and pragmatic the American people really are.

Normally I'm no fan of Joe Biden, but when someone like him speaks the truth to his own party, it gives me pause. It could be that he sees far better than his colleagues (with the exception of Joe Lieberman) what they need to do and, more importantly, what they must stop doing if they want to remain the party of the people.

He said Democrats would do better if they stopped dividing the electorate by playing to their base and instead brought people together. He criticized the left wing of his party for demonizing the rich and Republicans.

"Rich folks are as patriotic as poor folks, but we don't talk that way," he said.

They also tend to forget that many of the rich became that way by working very hard and building their businesses from the ground up. The days of “the rich” being parasites that live off of inherited wealth are long gone. The rich didn't steal their wealth from the poor, an assumption that too many of the left wing of the Democratic party still make. They assume that wealth is a zero sum game, that in order for someone to get rich that someone else must become poor. That may have been true back in the days when wealth was measured by the possession of precious metals and stones. It's time for them to catch up with reality.

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