Thoughts On A Sunday

I loved the luxury of being able to sleep in late this morning. I must have lingered in bed until at least 7:00 or maybe even 7:15AM!

Lazy, that's me!


It looks like Martin Lewis's post in the Huffington Post calling upon General Peter Pace to arrest President Bush is having one hell of a backlash.

It's evident from his post and his responses to comments that he really doesn't understand that what he's calling upon General Pace to do is to commit an act of mutiny. Has BDS driven the leftists so far as to suggest something so drastic? What's next, a call for someone to assassinate the President? I wouldn't put it past them.

If it turns out that Lewis's post was a piece of satire, it failed miserably.


It was Old Home Day in our little town yesterday. Despite the high temps and humidity, the turnout was great.

Old Home Day is quite common here in New Hampshire, a chance for people that live in a town, or once lived there, to get together, eat foods they might not otherwise eat, look at classic cars, tractors, watch a parade, and a host of other activities.


With the ever increasing front-loading of the Presidential primaries, the Democratic National Committee has decided to try and pull back some of the states that have moved their contests earlier and earlier into 2008. Florida moved their primary to January 29th, which in turn caused South Carolina to move theirs up to January 19th. This in turn would require New Hampshire to move theirs to January 8th (Secretary of State William Gardner refused to hold the primary on a Saturday), and Iowa to move theirs to sometime in late December 2007.

The DNC has already warned Florida to reschedule their primary to a later date or they would lose their 210 delegates to the nominating convention later that summer.

The presidential campaign is already too long and too many of the states are doing their darnedest to make sure it's even longer. The so-called Super Tuesday primary scheduled for early March is supposed to encompass 24 states! That's sheer insanity. It makes it impossible for any candidate without a large war chest to adequately campaign, perhaps excluding a superior but less well funded candidate from competing.

I think it's time for both the DNC and RNC to get together and formulate a plan that will end the front loading of primaries and caucuses and spread out the contests to a somewhat more reasonable schedule. If the states won't follow the guidelines set out by both parties then their delegates will be refused entry to their respective conventions.

Can this be considered disfranchisement of the voters in the states that decide to “go it alone?” Yeah, probably. But it will be something they brought upon themselves.

Personally I think that Sen. Joe Lieberman (I – CT) had a good idea – set the primaries up by region, with no more than 4 occurring at the same time. Iowa and New Hampshire would remain first, and the regions would vote in a rotating order that would give none of them an advantage over any other region.

Of course I expect it to be shot down because it's logical.

Go figure.


And that's the abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where school starts this week, kids are trying to squeeze in as much summer in as they can before then, and where the local boaters are waiting for the summer folk to go home.

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