GraniteGrok In The Spotlight

Two of my blogging friends have made the “big time”...uh...or more like the “mediocre time” with a nice article in the local newspaper that covers their ever more well known blogging activities, particularly interviewing state and federal office holders and presidential candidates visiting New Hampshire.

The locally created blog sites GilfordGrok and GraniteGrok are making national waves, with presidential candidate interviews and their own reserved section of YouTube.

Creators Doug Lambert and Skip Murphy, who went live with the sites back in March 2006, have used some good old-fashioned determination and elbow grease, for what they would characterize as a hobby, bringing this to the next level. However they have had some help in this task along the way.

Early on, when things first got going, famed opinionist in the blog world by the name of Glenn Reynolds, who operates InstaPundit.com, linking and commented on posts appearing on GraniteGrok.

After that boost the sites, particularly GraniteGrok.com, have been on the rise, and the New Hampshire Primary on top of that hasn't hurt any.

Yours truly also got a mention...but the article got the URL wrong! If the readers go to the website listed they'll find the “other” Weekend Pundit down in Texas. But no harm done as both of us link to each other.

Congrats, Doug and Skip!

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