Kerry Rewriting History?

It seems that John Kerry is still trying to rewrite the history of the Vietnam War and it's aftermath.

While it's true that the civilian deaths weren't what some claimed after we pulled out, he conveniently forgets that Congressional Democrats cut off all support for the South Vietnamese and Cambodian governments. It was then that the bloodbaths began. Both the South Vietnamese and Cambodian governments fell, with North Vietnam victorious over the defenseless south, and the Khmer Rouge taking Cambodia. Millions died in a bloodletting not seen since World War II, with the Khmer Rouge killing anyone they saw as ideologically impure, meaning almost a third of their population.

John Kerry either has forgotten that little bit of history or chooses not to acknowledge it ever happened.

I believe it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the man is morally bankrupt, particularly when it comes to people wishing to be free.

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