Thoughts On A Sunday

It figures.

Here it is, the last day of my vacation, and starting tomorrow we're getting some real summer weather. Not that the weather was all that awful during this past week (though last weekend it was more like fall rather than summer). It will be in the upper 80's to lower 90's tomorrow, the type of weather perfect for boating. Unfortunately today's weather was a mishmash, with rain, thundershowers, and warm/cool/warm cycles all day. It isn't the type of weather for a day out on the lake.

Where will I be starting tomorrow morning? At work, of course.

Sometimes you can't win no matter what.


Speaking of vacation, Jay Tea had me scratching my head about this post. It's not what he wrote that had me scratching my head. It's the folks he's writing about that have me puzzled.

I don't know about you, but if I go camping it's not going to be with all kinds of electronic gizmos of the type I have at home. I don't need my satellite or cable TV. I don't need a WiFi connection for my laptop. The only electronic gear I'll bring with me is my handheld GPS and my handheld 2-meter FM amateur radio. One I'll use if I'm going to be hiking in an area that I'm not familiar with and I'll use it in conjunction with a map of the area. The other I'll use if I need information or help. The rest of that crap stays at home where it belongs.


Pam of Blogmeister USA offers a link to a story about the Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature.


It appears that Al Qaeda is winning the media war, with more Republican senators willing to abandon our efforts in Iraq and leaving the Iraqi people to deal with the Islamofascists and the bloodbath that will follow our withdrawal. Could it be that the senators are out of touch with what's really going on in Iraq or are they buying the propaganda being foisted upon us through Al Qaeda's mouthpieces, i.e. the MSM.

The No-War-At-Any-Cost folks must be ecstatic at the prospect that Republicans are now turning their backs on the efforts of US troops to finally drive Al Qaeda In Iraq to ground. They've already declared the surge in Iraq a failure even though it's barely begun.

What an effin' shame.


One of my favorite rockers, Ted Nugent, sends out wakeup call, reminding us that the so-called “Summer of Love” was really the “Summer of Drugs” and that too many people bought into the “tune in, turn on, and drop out” mentality.

So now, 40 years later, there are actually people who want to celebrate the anniversary of the Summer of Drugs. Hippies are once again descending on ultra-liberal San Francisco--a city that once wanted to give shopping carts to the homeless--to celebrate and try to remember their dopey days of youth when so many of their musical heroes and friends long ago assumed room temperature by "partying" themselves to death. Nice.


Death due to drugs and the social carnage heaped upon America by hippies is nothing to celebrate. That is a fool's game, but it is quite apparent some burned-out hippies never learn.


The fallout from the soft real estate market and sub-prime mortgages continues to grow. Home prices are falling and foreclosures are up. That's certainly true here in New Hampshire.

One former homeowner found out the hard way that she should always read whatever it is she's signing. Because she didn't she lost everything.

Line the old saying goes, caveat emptor.


Here's more on the MSM's coverage of the war in Iraq, or as the case, the lack of it. Here's what Michael Yon reports, versus what Kiki Munshi reports. They are both reporting about the goings on in Baqubah. The difference?

Michael Yon is actually in Baqubah and has been during all of the fighting. Kiki Munshi is not and was not. Which report would you believe?

(H/T Blackfive)


Regular blogging resumes tomorrow as I have finished vacation.



And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where boat traffic is down, gas prices are up, and where my vacation ended all too soon.

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