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Like many of you out there, I do liking watching TV. Sometimes we watch network shows (Heroes, Ghost Whisperer), sometimes something from Sci Fi or USA (Eureka, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, 4400, Dead Zone), or something on DVD.

And like many of you, there are times when it seems that the various broadcasters have 'problems' with the audio levels. You know what I mean.

You're watching some program and the time comes for a commercial break. You've got the volume of your TV/home theater system set to a comfortable level. The the first commercial comes on....


The wall of sound slams you back into the easy chair you've just vacated in search of a beverage. You fumble around for the remote to turn the volume down or to mute it all together.

You collect your beverage, return to your easy chair, and wait for your program to continue. And when it does....

it's barely audible.

And the cycle repeats. Again. And again. And yet again....ad infinitum.

Many attempts have been made to put some kind of automatic volume control into TV sets and Surround Sound receivers, but they really don't work very well. Hiwever, thise days may soon come to an end.

The folks that brought you Dolby Digital, Dolby Labs, have also created something called Dolby Volume, a means of keeping the volume on your TV/home theater system at the level you set, regardless of the audio levels being broadcast.

Recognizing the widespread and intrusive issues related to volume variations, Dolby has leveraged its extensive understanding of audio and years of research to create Dolby Volume, the next generation of volume control technology for televisions. Dolby Volume features a new, groundbreaking volume leveling solution that, when integrated into televisions, provides a unique solution that finally overcomes the volume level differences in all content experienced through television sets.

Basically what it means is that we will no longer have to grab for the remote because the volume differences from program to program or program to commercials, or even from broadcast to recordings, will be minimized. The the only time the volume will be too high or too low is if we set it that way.

That's just as it should be.

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