Thoughts On A Sunday

Blogging may be light the rest of the week as I am on vacation. On the other hand, it might be heavier because I'm on vacation.

You never know.


It's also one of the two NASCAR weekends here in New Hampshire. I'll be watching the the race from NHIS from the comfort of the best seats in the house – in front of my TV while I sit in the recliner.


The Boat also made it back into the water this morning and now resides in its slip, ready for duty.

It's about friggin' time.

With it being Julyst, you'd think it would be summer weather. But you'd be wrong.

It feels more like late September, with the high temps only going to reach the 60's today. It's also windy today, making it feel even cooler. There's enough of a breeze to cause whitecaps out on the lake.

This is not how summer vacation is supposed to be.

So, do you want to tell me about global warming again?


In regards to the surge in Iraq, neo-neocon compares Congress to Groucho Marx. She makes the comparison work.


KelliPundit links to an interesting Front Page Magazine article that makes comparisons between Vietnam and Iraq, showing the present day the anti-war Democrats look at the tactics their predecessors used to abandon the Vietnamese and Cambodian people, which in turn led to the deaths of millions in Southeast Asia. They obviously learned the wrong lessons of Vietnam and look to do the same thing again to the Iraqi people. Except that this time the enemy won't stay in their part of the world but will come here to “finish the job”, doing their best to destroy the West, including those self-same anti-war Democrats.


John Weidner brings up an interesting point in his post “We played the enemy's game for too long...”


Kat of The Middle Ground reminds the “peace at all costs” folks that we are not the only ones who can escalate war.

That's something to keep in mind in regards to the Middle East. Iran, or Syria, or Al Qaeda could decide to up the stakes. What do we do under those circumstances? We sure as hell don't run away. To do that would sign our death warrants.


In case you have ever wondered about some of the enemy we fight in Iraq, Michael Yon has a photo essay with commentary on the tactics of Al Qaeda, particularly those used against a village full of people they don't like.

Remember, most of the Al Qaeda fighters these days are not Iraqis, but foreign fighters from other Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

You must ask yourself this: What would happen if we were to pull out Iraq before we finished the job? Michael's piece should give you a pretty good idea of what Iraqi people will face if Congress decides to abandon them.


July 7th is Robert Heinlein's 100th birthday.

Heinlein certainly affected my love of both reading and writing science fiction. The philosophy of one of his characters, Lazarus Long, also played a part in forming my political beliefs.


Jay Solo points us to a Slate article about how the “vaccines cause autism” meme just won't die.


Jeff Soyer chimes in with his take on the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” and how, if it is ever again implemented, should spread across all media, not just radio and TV. Somehow I doubt that the Democrats would really want it the way Jeff describes it. But, hey...fair is fair!!


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where it says summer on the calendar even if the weather says otherwise, the NASCAR fans have passed through the gates of New Hampshire International Speedway, and where the myriad of NASCAR bizjets are parked on the ramp at Laconia Airport.

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