Surface Temperature Measurements Are Still Inaccurate

About ten years ago I wrote about problems with the reporting stations used to measure temperatures around the US and how that problem was skewing the temperature readings. Comparing the readings from pristine stations, meaning “none of the stations are situated near urban areas, parking lots, HVAC exhausts, or other artificial means that will skew the temperature readings,” shows that temperature readings were suffering from the effects of Urban Heat Island effect.

One would think that with it being known that efforts would have been made to move the poorly positioned stations to better locations to get them away from the factors making accurate temperature readings impossible. But an across the US survey recently performed by Anthony Watts has shown that if anything the problem has gotten worse.

In 2009, and then again, as a follow-up, in 2022, detailed inspections with station location data and photographic evidence the problematic stations were done. Stations providing official climate data that were sited in locations where surrounding surfaces, structures, and equipment radiated stored heat or emitted heat directly biasing or driving the recorded temperatures higher than were recorded at stations in the same region, uncompromised by the well-known UHI (that is widely ignored by alarmists and official government agencies).

Of the sampling of hundreds of stations across the country Watts and his volunteer team documented in 2009, 89% were out of compliance for proper measurement practices. In 2022, with the second inspection, that number rose to 96%. The trip last week, while taking a smaller sample than the two previous efforts, approached 100% as out of compliance.

The video is lengthy, but is well worth the time to see how we really can’t trust the temperature data the “We’re All Gonna DIE!” climate cultists use to tell us we have to go back to an 18th Century existence or the Earth will become a second Venus.