Thoughts On A Sunday

This week’s TOAS got a late start as I spent a good portion of the day working on the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout, basically cleaning it up, loading the gear – cushions, PFDs, transom light, spotlight, mooring lines, fenders, air pump (for the 3-person tube), fire extinguisher, charts, Marine radio, and so on – and getting the new registration stickers on the bow.

I wish I could say the boat was perfectly clean but it needed a lot more cleaning than I expected, meaning I still haven’t finished it. I had hoped to have the boat in the water before this, but between other folks having better use for my time and a heavier than usual workload, I wasn’t able to get the prep work done in a timely fashion. That the boat needed a lot more cleaning than I expected also set me back. I’m hoping to get the boat launched later this week, well before the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.


Most of the summer businesses have reopened, mostly for weekends until after Memorial Day. One of our favorite seasonal restaurants has been open for the past few weekends though they have only been serving ice cream. The rest of the restaurant doesn’t open until Memorial Day weekend.

I certainly expect the boat ramps will be busy all weekend as a lot of summerfolk will be putting their boats in the water for the summer. Our restaurants, even the year-round establishments, will be busy until after Labor Day when we’ll get ‘our’ restaurants back.


It seems that yet another corporation is learning the “Get work. Go broke,” lesson Anheuser-Busch recently learned the hard way. This time it’s retailer Target.

Target is already facing boycotts for selling "tuck-friendly" bathing suits and LGBTQ onesies for babies. Now it has been revealed that Target is selling LGBTQ Pride products from a designer that appears to promote violence, drug use, and Satanism.

Target sells three items by the brand Abprallen – a "We Belong Everywhere" messenger bag, a 'Too Queer For Here" messenger bag, and a "Cure Transphobia, Not Trans People" shirt. The LGBTQ items are available on the Target website and in its stores.

It seems Target is already starting to feel the heat and if it follows the path A-B did I expect we’ll see retail sales be affected as the 90%+ of their customer base decides they no longer want to do business with a company that supports more radical Trans agenda, grooming, violence, with Satanism thrown in for good measure.


This seems to be a repeating headline in one form or another.

Is San Francisco Doomed?

I added my two cents worth in last Sunday’s TOAS post, but it seems the question about San Francisco’s accelerating decline won’t go away.

What makes this decline tragic isn’t something from outside the city. Instead it has been self-inflicted by the city’s government, the same government the people of San Francisco keep electing.


Speaking of San Francisco - well, really the Bay Area - it looks like California jurisprudence has yet again been set aside by a woke DA who decided a “Person of Color” convicted of setting students on fire at UC Berkeley should be not be punished and released him.

A man who was found guilty of lighting UC Berkeley students on fire at a boba shop near the Cal campus in 2020 has been released from custody without prison time or probation after agreeing to participate in a diversion program for veterans, court records show.

In late April, according to records reviewed by The Berkeley Scanner, Brandon McGlone was convicted of multiple felonies in connection with the boba shop attack as well as felony assault and gun charges from a separate domestic violence case.

The resolution to the case was the result of a plea deal between the Alameda County district attorney’s office and the public defender’s office.

As a result of the deal, McGlone was referred to Veterans Treatment Court, according to Alameda County Superior Court records.

If he completes that program, Judge James Cramer said during the April 28 hearing, the cases against McGlone “would be dismissed.”

So a guy with a series of violent crimes to his name including trying to set people on fire is going into treatment. If he can control himself long enough he gets to walk. I’m betting he doesn’t make it though and will eventually kill someone.

The DA is not exactly held in high esteem, particularly by members of the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. Two veteran prosecutors have recently resigned from their positions because of the DA’s overly woke approach to law enforcement.

Law enforcement and the justice system in California is being dismantled and the Progressives running things are cheering this from the sidelines.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summerfolk are being seen in increasing numbers, preparations for Memorial Day continue, and where Monday is already knocking on the door.