A Preview Of What We're In For

The EU went whole hog into their equivalent of the Green Nude Eel...er...Green New Deal, abandoning reliable stable power and energy systems that have been used for decades and replacing them with power generation systems that sounded good but turned out to be anything but reliable, stable, or abundant. Germany shut down its nuclear power plants, replacing them with wind and some solar. Natural gas fueled power plants were shut down because Russia shut off Europe’s natural gas supply in response to Europe’s support of Ukraine.

Electric rates skyrocketed as grid stability and capacity decreased. Ironically Germany recommissioned a number of coal plants to make up for the deficit, massively increasing their CO2 emissions, just the opposite of what they said they were trying to do. With a few exceptions, the rest of the EU is in the same. It appears the people have had just about enough of the madness.

That looks like what’s happening in Europe right now, almost across the board. The frenzied, climate hysteria engendered, end-of-days rush to save the earth from ourselves is finding its movement crashing under the weight of its own failures – both in promised results from imposed radical actions and predicted, repeatedly rescheduled (as they are yet-to-materialize) dooms. When the stated reason for extreme measures and mandates which have changed people’s lives exponentially for the worse fails to materialize, and then the end date shifts even as the misery index continually ramps up with no relief, a breaking point will be inevitable.

“Genug” is German for “enough.” And, with not a minute to spare, the zealots are going to have to give way. Perhaps even start answering for what they’ve done.

Once unthinkable articles are appearing in major media outlets, and they highlight just how deep the insanity has wormed it way into the consciousness of a good swath of impressionable…well…lemming-like idiots. High anxiety reigns among the meek-minded.

What’s ironic is that the Biden Administration (or WRBA) has been trying to do the same thing here, with one of the big differences being that it isn’t the Russians cutting off our natural gas supplies which has driven electricity and heating costs higher, but Biden...all while telling us “It’s for our own good”, something that is an outright lie. If you think problems like those seen in Europe won’t happen here, you’re wrong. We are already being warned our electrical grid doesn’t have the reserves needed to deal with seasonal heat waves and severe storms.

A worrying new report from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) estimates over two-thirds of North America will see elevated risks of energy grid shortfalls and blackouts over the summer if faced with extreme temperature spikes and dire weather. While resources remain “adequate” for normal seasonal peak demand, the major non-profit international regulatory authority’s 2023 Summer Reliability Assessment warns most of the US—including the West, Midwest, Texas, Southeast, and New England regions—may not possess enough energy reserves to handle heatwaves, severe storms, and hurricanes.


“This report is an especially dire warning that America’s ability to keep the lights on has been jeopardized. That’s unacceptable,” Jim Matheson, the CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, said in a statement.“Federal policies must recognize the compromised reliability reality facing the nation before it’s too late.”

Then add the push to replace all fossil-fueled vehicles with EVs and the capacity and reliability of our electrical grid is highly questionable. Renewables can’t meet the demand – they are neither reliable, stable, or dispatchable – and traditional powerplants are being shut down and replaced with nothing. But somehow we’re supposed to be able to charge an increasing number of EVs even as the grid capacity shrinks?

I would like to think this problem is being caused by the incompetence of the Biden Administration, but my gut tells me this is being done on purpose by people who don’t really care about the environment, but do care about controlling people, using environmental issues as a means of doing so.

And so it goes...